Practical info

The team of Picha, with the help of the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in Lubumbashi, will happilly inform you and assist you in the preparation of your visit of the Biennale de Lubumbashi.


The Biennale de Lubumbashi will take place from 24 October to 24 November 2019. The Forum Days will be held during the biennale’s Opening Week, from 24 to 29 October 2019.

Visa application

A visa application for the Democratic Republic of Congo is accompanied by an invitation letter which is signed by the local authority of the inviting partner, in this case Lubumbashi ($37.50). Some embassies require in addition to the invitation letter a certificate signed by the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) ($120). In some countries, the USA for example, the procedure to obtain a visa may take longer. If you plan to attend the opening days of the biennale, make sure to contact the embassy of DRC in your country as soon as possible and apply for your visa before 15th September.

Contact: Alexandre Mulongo,


Picha can facilitate your bookings with the hotels we are used to working with.

Contact: Damiette Kanowa,

Hotel Pullman Grand Karavia
Adress: Route du Golf 55, Quartier Golf
Contact:, +243 815 583 058
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale:
$120 single room with breakfast
$140 double room with breakfast
$180 family room and suite with Breakfast

Park Hotel
Adress: Crossing Avenue Munongo and Chaussée Laurent-Désiré Kabila
Contact:, +243 851 338 213, +243 998 179 876
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale
$80 double room with breakfast

Contact:, +243 97 700 67 46
Short-term apartment rental
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale:
180$ for one person per night
250$ for two persons per night

Gloria Inn
Adress: Avenue Kasavubu 550, Quartier Makomeno
Contact:, +243 818 876 546
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale:
$65 double room with breakfast

Mwamini Guest House
Adress: Chaussée Laurent-Désiré Kabila 57
Contact:,, +243 997 147 002
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale:
$50 double room with breakfast

Contact: +243 824 121 052
Preferential rates on behalf of Picha asbl / Biennale:
$50 double room with breakfast


The official currency in Congo is the Congolese Franc. It is possible to change Dollars and Euros locally. Money exchange offices are numerous but often non official in the streets of Lubumbashi. ATM’s are available in hotels and at Rawbank and TMB banks. Few hotels, restaurants, counters and shops accept credit cards.

Local transport

The best and most secure way to move around the city is by taxi or by private car. You can easily rent a car with a driver during your stay. The daily fee is negotiable. The application allows you to download a map of the city.


In principle, Lubumbashi is a quiet city and no major security issues are reported at this time. We recommend you to remain vigilant. Avoid dark streets at night and use a taxi to go from one place to another. Important notice: never shoot with a camera or take a photo in public space neither in a private building without being accompagnied by local people.