Emmanuel Kasongo Yakusu

Professor-Researcher at the Faculty of Natural Resource Management of the University of Kisangani, Emmmanuel Kasongo Yakusu is currently a PhD student in the Department of Environment (wood technology laboratory) of the University of Ghent in collaboration with the wood biology service of the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Belgium. His research focuses on the issue of climate change at the service of Humankind and forests; they are based on analysis of recent climate change (postcolonial period), vulnerability (socio-economic and biophysical), and adaptation and mitigation policies and strategies to climate change.

Initiated and trained notably by the International Forestry Research Center as a researcher through the Congo Basin Forests and Climate Change Adaptation projects, using the methodology of participatory action research, and FCCC (Forest and Climate Change in Congo), he is currently involved in research projects for sustainable development in direct relation (eg. CongoFlux and COBECORE) and / or indirect (eg. Training, Research and Environment in Tshopo) with climate change. Anxious to strengthen his scientific and academic capacities on the climate change-Human-forests-environment relationship, he followed courses organised by competent institutions (eg. Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech-University and Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development of Liège) and is currently collaborating with climate, agronomic, forestry and environmental research institutions (eg. Royal Belgian Meteorological Institute and National Institute for Agricultural Research and Research-DRCongo).