Théâtre urbain

Théâtre urbain by Bob Nelson Makengo (DRC, 2017, 12 min.)

In her next film, Barbie would like to wear the belt that Kimpa Vita wore when she was burned in 1706. She travels to Kinshasa to get one. There, she rediscovers the story of Kimpa Vita, the Kongo Empire prophet that many have called the African Joan of Arc.

Scenario and image: Bob Nelson Makengo
Sound: Moimi Wezam Mushamalirwa
Editing: Moimi Wezam Mushamalirwa, Bob Nelson Makengo
Production: Pong Film GmbH, NMW Lelo-Lobi

Distinctions: International Short Film Festival – Clermont-Ferrand (France) – Selection Regards d’Afrique 2019. Festival Cinémas d’Afrique – Lausanne (Switzerland) – Selection 2018. Documentary Film Festival of Saint-Louis – Saint Louis (Senegal) – Official Selection 2017