Ennemi du temps

Ennemi du temps by Abraham Muhindo Barakomerwa (DRC, 2016, 12 min.)

Sifa finds herself in the dark, drawn to the obstacle of reality, between the future, the present and the past. This disaster pushes her to take the time behind her hiding reality.

With a degree in economics, Abraham Muhindo Barakomerwa specialized in cinema at the YOLE ! AFRICA centre of Goma (DRC) and at the FEMIS (France) in 2017. He is the founder of the cinema group CINECOL (Cinéastes Congolais de Lumière) and ARECO (Association of Congolese Directors). He has directed cinematographic works such as LE VRAIS JEUX, a documentary short film shown at SKIFF, Salaam Kivu International Film Festival in 2012; ZAMIRI, a fiction short film shown at SKIFF in 2011; IT’S TIME, a documentary short film that took part in the world competition, and SCENARIO, a short fiction film that won the Best Film Award and the Audience Award at SKIFF.

Best film at FICKIN (International Film Festival of Kinshasa) in July 2015; Grand Prize of the jury followed by a diploma of merit, selected in the international competition of AAFF (Arusha African Film Festival), also selected at ZIFF (International Film Festival in Zimbabwe) in the international competition in 2015. In 2014, the same film was selected at the FESTICAB (International Festival of Cinema and Audiovisual of Burundi) and in the international competition of short films in 2015. Selected in the international competition of AFFRIF (Africa International Film Festival in Nigeria) and in the international competition European Cinema in Congo in November 2015. In addition, in 2016, the film was selected for London’s “We The People Film Festival” as well as for the “Finalist Industry Boost Competion on IndieWise”. In 2017, SCENARIO is officially selected in Samawa Cinema in Iraq.

Abraham Muhindo Barakomerwa is selected as a jury member of the Los Angeles Big Short International Film Festival in 2018 and at the Cannes Film Festival as a French producer at the CNC’s breakfast.

Jury Prize at the Congo International Film Festival, CAMIFF, CINETOIL et AFRIKA FILM FESTIVAL (2017)
Congo In Harlem (USA)
Cameroon International Film Festival (Cameroon)
Afrika Film Festival (Belgium)
Miami Epic Festival (USA)