Diorama by Matthias De Groof (BE, 2018, 34’40”)

Diorama presents us with the documented deconstruction of a constructed habitat, a stage within a stage plays out before us in what appears to be an “Africa Museum” whose taxidermy exhibits are being dismantled. A sombre, abject humour permeates through these scenes as we witness, quite literally, the dissemination of history. The uninterrupted quietness of these dioramas is suddenly yet casually disrupted by the inherently ironic (re)destruction of these animals’ “habitats”. We bear witness to fine examples of nature’s awe-inspiring animal kingdom reduced to utilitarian objects of burden – cajoled out of their static setting by a band of men, whose group dynamic suggests they are not accustomed to such an activity, if one could ever be.” (Ash Kerr)

Holder of an interdisciplinary doctorate combining anthropology, philosophy and cinema, Matthias De Groof integrates his academic research into artistic activities. He teaches at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the University of Antwerp. His film works were presented at various events, including the Rotterdam Film Festival and the International Festival of Art Films. Filmography: Palimpsest of the Africa Museum (2019); Lobi Kuna (2018); Rendez-les moi (2013); Ceci n’est pas un documentaire sur Louvain-la-Neuve (2012); Jerusalem, the Adulterous Wife (2008); …